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mylearnadfriend is currently working with a number of key stakeholders to ensure our health and safety products and services meet the needs of industry across all sectors.

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    Trade Associations amp; Trade Unions Sector Skills Council Awarding Body Health & Safety Executive Learning Provider Employer Charity Learner Advertising Agency Retailer of H&S Products H&S Product Manufacturer Reseller nsurance Company
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    The safe worker The safe supervisor The safe manager The safe director
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    Once you've decided to move the load manually, you must adopt the kinetic lifting technique.

    How you position your feet when carrying out the Kinetic lifting technique is very important. They should be shoulder width apart one foot slightly forward of the other and not too close to the load.

    Think about the load, how you are going to lift it and where you are taking it.
    Always ensure you are wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

    Bend the knees, assess the load, consider the shape, the weight,
    and ensure you keep the heaviest side close to your body.

    Using the palms of your hands, firmly grip the load and lift it close to your body.
    You may need to slightly bend the back, hips and knees at this point.

    Using the leg muscles, smoothly lift the load to knee level and then to waist height.
    Lift the head slightly as you move towards an upright position.

    With clear visibility move forward.

    Keeping the load close to the waist, avoid twisting and keep looking forward for obstructions.

    If possible set the load down at waist level prior to lowering it to the floor.
    Remember don't stoop or bend when lifting or lowering.

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