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Learner Induction Programme

Your induction to health and safety will be lively and interactive using our immersive learning features. Studies show that this fun and engaging learning style helps participants to retain and remember more of what they have learnt.

Contractor Training

Let us provide your contractors with a standardised online induction. This means that all new site workers and visitors receive exactly the same training, which can be tested online prior to site visits, creating a more efficient and streamlined process.

Convert to Online Courses

Increase your efficiency and profitability by allowing us to develop your face-to-face training programmes into online e-learning courses, or use our immersive interactive features to create a blended learning experience.

Staff Induction Training

Let us create a standardised online induction and testing programme, ensuring the training is delivered consistenly and accurately every time.

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We chose to work with mylearnadfriend, because they
appreciate the importance of modern media
in today's workplace and understand the
opportunities its creative use can present.
- Martin Forster, Director - World Sight Media Ltd.