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New Board Member

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mylearnadfriend are delighted to announce the recent appointment of Mr James Robson MBE, as a Non-Executive Director.
James founded the hugely successful Exwold Technology back in 1992, and remains involved with the firm as a Non-Executive Director.

James was given Royal recognition in 2011 when The Queen presented him with an MBE for his services to North East Business, and he is now a specialist sector mentor for Digital City in Middlesbrough’s Boho.
James was asked to mentor Tony and Alan through the Digital City Mentoring scheme. However, James saw enough potential in the business he decided to pledge a substantial investment.
James said: “My skills are in finance and export, and as soon as Tony and Alan laid their plan out in front of me I was very impressed.
“We had a succession of meetings, and I’ve become heavily involved in the company and firmly believe in what this on-line learning platform can do for businesses regardless of their size.
“I know from my time at Exwold that good quality training is extremely hard to deliver. The fact that companies can take this platform and build their own training modules is very appealing. mylearnadfriend offer a professional support package to suit all company needs.
“It is a very unique product, and I can see the massive market potential in it. Training has moved away from Powerpoints, and Tony and Alan – with their vast experience in the sector – have grasped that and embraced it.”
As part of his involvement, 54-year-old James will act as a Non-Executive Director and has no doubts his investment will pay dividends.
He added: “Any early stage business has got risks to it, but in this case that is mitigated by the volume of work which has already been done. Everything is in place to make this a successful commercial proposition.”