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MoD look to mylearnadfriend for on-line learning solutions

mylearnadfriend have recently developed an on-line interactive e-learning course which will train, assess, verify and certificate MoD personnel in the use of three communication systems including: The MOTOROLA DP4801EX, DP4801, and the DM4601.

The contract will run for five years and will provide valuable "Product Knowledge Training" to an initial 3,000 personnel.

Tony Abbott, MD mylearnadfriend said “We are very pleased with the course we have developed and anticipate further business as a result.

Our unique e-leaning platform simplifies the development and delivery of both accredited and unaccredited training, reduces the time personnel need to spend away from their work and is cost-effective.

Combining our platform with 3D technology delivered by our partners Spearhead Interactive makes this learning a memorable and enjoyable experience for the MoD delegates”.

Image of MoD look to mylearnadfriend for on-line learning solutions