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A £100,000 investment leads mylearnadfriend to a potential Bupa partnership

Thanks to the support of Northstar Venures, and the university of Teesside, mylearnadfriend Ltd are now looking to provide an on – line training solution to the Health and Social Care Sector.

mylearnadfriend have been invited to, and have subsequently entered the IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest.

IC Tomorrow in association with the British Medical Journal is running a contest themed around clinical excellence.

The competition is being run in partnership with Bupa, the University College of London and the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer network with support from the Open Data Institute.

mylearnadfriend have entered their unique e-learning platform and their Safe Worker suite of programmes as a solution to providing high quality health and safety training to the Health and Social Care sector professionals.

Their aiming to develop a Safe Care Worker programme which will assist care workers in their drive to ensure that care service clients receive the best care possible.

Tony Abbott MD of mylearnadfriend said “Our 360 degree panoramas of real working environments will be used to train care workers to assess the risks in respect to their own and their care service clients health, safety and welfare in complete safety”.

“Using immersive training methodologies we are able to motivate delegates by presenting them with a variety of interactive problem solving activities, specifically designed to relate directly to their everyday work situations”.

“Users can take responsibility for their own learning and it is delivered on demand. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained during the training empower the care worker and as a result they can confidently identify where nationally recognised guidelines are not being followed”.

“The system can provide an unlimited variety of scenarios highlighting good and bad practice. These can be designed to encourage care workers to raise their concerns when they encounter issues and stressful situations within the work environment”.

“Our e-learning platform enables us to quickly develop content which can be specifically designed to target and deal with the key issues within the sector and to nationally recognised standards”.

Mylearnadfriend have the support of the University of Teesside’s School of Health and Social Care who, have 13,000 students and work with 380 Health Care organisations. If successful the prize of £24,000 will be used to develop a prototype training package for workers in the Health and Social Care sector.